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New book: From Field to Fork: Food Ethics for Everyone, by Paul Thompson, will be released by Oxford university Press May 2015

   From Fork to Field: Food Ethics for Everyone

Integrated Network for Social Sustainability will be hosted at the James B. Henry Center for Executive Development, Michigan State University, April 9-11


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   INSS Annual Meeting  or contact Ian Werkheiser, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

New Book:  The Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics, edited by Paul Thompson and David Kaplan was released by Sringer in November 2014


   Encylopedia of Food and Agriculture Ethics

Ethical Questions Regarding the Use of Animal Biotechnology, III Brazilian Congress on Bioethics and Animal Welfare, Curitiba, State of Parana, Southern Brazil, August 5-7, 2014


“Sustainability, Food Security and Ethical Development,” 10th International Conference and 30th Anniversary of the International Development Ethics Association: Development Ethics Contributions for a Socially Sustainable Future, San Jose, Costa Rica, July 21-24, 2014

   Sustainability, Food Security and Ethical Development

“Thomas Jefferson on Sustainability,” Intergrated Network on Social Sustainability (INSS), University of North Carolina Charlotte, March 25, 2013

   Thomas Jefferson on Sustainability

Sharper Focus/ Wider Lens: Questioning Technology, February 3, 2014, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI

   Sharper Focus/Wider Lens: Questioning Technology

Food Saftey, Food Security and Social Amplification of Risk, Keynnote Speaker, November 26, 2013 1st conference of the Asia-Pacific Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (APSAFE 2013), Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand


Do Consumers Have Ethical Responsibilities? Panel Presentation, the 11th Congress of the European Society for Agricultural and Food Ethics (Eursafe), September 11-14, 2013, Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden


The History and Philosophy of Livestock Welfare, American Veterinary Medical Association, Annual Convention, July 20, 2013, Chicago, IL

Seminars at the College of Life Sciences, Linyi University, May 14-16, 2013

Breakfast Fourm, Food and Farming Innovation Network, Ann Arbor MI, May 6, 2013

The Return of Food Ethics: 3 Challenges for Our Time, Stony Brook University, Stony Brook NY, April 27, 2013

Hopes & Promises of a Sustainable Food System: What Does the Future Hold?  The Future of Food, A Brooklyn College Symposium, Brooklyn NY, April 22, 2013

Seminar at Center for Animal Welfare, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, AU, June 18, 2012

Animal Ethics and Evolution of Standards for Laying Hens in the United States (Audio)

AFHVS/ASFS/SAFN Conference, Food and Agriculture under the Big Sky: People, Partnerships and Policies, The University of Montana, Missoula

   The following links are a panel discussion featuring Albert Borgmann, Josh Slotnick and Paul Thompson at Blossom’s Bed and Breakfast while in Missoula for the conference.

     Farming In Academia and the Device Paradigm

     Technology and Farming


     Cooking Competence Comprehension


     A Moral History of Technology

     The Problem with Contemporary life and the Task of Philosophy

     Paul and Albert on the Hearth

Visiting Scholar at Green Mountain College, March 27-30, 2011

   Dr. Paul Thompson was a Visiting Scholar at Green Mountain College from March 27-30, 2011. During that time, he gave the above talk    entitled “The Agrarian Vision: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics” in which he discusses the contested concept of “sustainability,”    differing approches to agriculture, and what these approches can contribute to our understanding of what it means to be sustainable.

     Green Mountain College Talk Part One

     Green Mountain College Talk Part Two 

     Green Mountain College Talk Part Three  

     Green Mountain College Talk Part Four 

     Green Mountain College Talk Part Five

Agrarian Vision

   Paul Thompson’s book, “The Agrarian Vision, Sustainability and Environmental Ethics” was released on July 2010 by The University Press of Kentucky.


As industry and technology proliferate in modern society, sustainability has jumped to the forefront of contemporary political and environmental discussions. The balance between progress and the earth’s ability to provide for its inhabitants grows increasingly precarious as we attempt to achieve sustainable development. In The Agrarian Vision: Sustainability and Environmental Ethics, Paul B. Thompson articulates a new agrarian philosophy, emphasizing the vital role of agrarianism in modern agricultural practices. Thompson, a highly regarded voice in environmental philosophy, unites concepts of agrarian philosophy, political theory, and environmental ethics to illustrate the importance of creating and maintaining environmentally conscious communities. Thompson describes the evolution of agrarian values in America, following the path blazed by Thomas Jefferson, John Steinbeck, and Wendell Berry.

Providing a pragmatic approach to ecological responsibility and commitment, The Agrarian Vision is a significant, compelling argument for the practice of a reconfigured and expanded agrarianism in our efforts to support modern industrialized culture while also preserving the natural world.

     In the Culture of the Land series.

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Nobel Conference 46 Making Food Good Oct. 5-6, 2010

In asking the question “What makes food good?” ethical, agroecological, physiological, economic, and aesthetic conceptions of “good” intertwine, clash, and vie for attention. Few issues seem to demand as frequent consideration as the need for “good food.”

Nobel Conference® 46 will consider a whole panoply of food issues—from human health to the health of planetary ecosystems; from nutraceuticals to culturally appropriate foods; from community gardening to fuel crops, to genetic modification, and to food security.

Presenters will include Bina Agarwal, Frances Moore Lappe, Linda Bartoshuk, Marion Nestle, Cary Fowler, Jeffrey Friedman, Paul Thompson.

     Paul B. Thompson at Nobel Conference 46

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